Organizational Culture: Corporate Coaching

Empowering Your Team for Maximum Efficiency

Provide your organization with live, on-site professional coaching and training

On-Site Personal Training

Keep Your Team Close
We come to your organization to keep familiar surroundings and maximize time back to work.

Performance Life Coaching

Get the Most From Your Team
Everyone needs the tools to become better, and we bring the best in corporate coaching.

Consulting & Technical Assistance

Perfecting the Process
Need assistance in improving the technical side of your organization? We can help!

Culture Climate Assessment

Everyone on the Same Page
Our professional coaches analyze the values and beliefs that govern how the people in an organization behave.

The Tools You Need to

Maximize Team Performance

We are here to reinforce and empower your vision with on-site, high-level organizational culture training. By providing the best tools and corporate coaching, you can expect maximum efficiency from a cohesive team ready to work together to accomplish your vision for the future. Schedule a free consultation today to discuss your needs and see if our professional coaches are a great fit for your business or organization. 

Organization Coaching and Professional Training Courses

  • Social and Emotional Intelligence
  • Dealing with Difficult People
  • Workplace Bullying and Sexual Harassment
  • Change Management
  • Are You Listening?
  • Diversity and Inclusion
  • How to Be a Powerful Influencer
  • How to Build and Lead Better Teams
  • Effective Decision Making
  • The Power of Feminine Leadership
  • Giving Effective Feedback
  • Managing Time and Getting Stuff Done

Live One-on-One

Career Coaching

50-Minute Virtual Meetings Using Zoom Video Chat Software

"Take Back My Power"

3 Virtual Coaching Sessions

"Transform My Habits"

6 Virtual Coaching Sessions

"Win at My Life"

9 Virtual Coaching Sessions

Looking for a Female Motivational Speaker for Your Next Event?

Find the Right Message 

Workplace Culture

  • 911: Emerge-and-See Yourself as a Self-Aware Leadership
  • Why Competition, Comparison Credit and Control Can’t Survive in the 21st Century Workplace
  • How to Build and Lead a Cooperative Workforce
  • How Workplace Bullying Becomes a Cultural Norm
  • Five Critical Skills You Need to Work Through Conflict and Manage
  • Managing Difficult Relationships
  • Building Trust is the New Normal
  • Using Your EQ to Manage Change
  • Finding the H.E.R.O. in Your School Staff
  • What the Alpha Female Elephant Can Teach Us About Leadership
  • Seeing Through the Eyes of Diversity, Engaging Through the Spirit of Inclusiveness

Personal Mastery

  • How to Take Back, Transform & Win At Your Own Life
  • Living Authentically…Driven by Purpose
  • Why You Attract the Same Relationships
  • How to Use Failure to Intentionally Create Your Life
  • The Genius Behind the Procrastinator and Perfectionist
  • Why Superwoman Aren’t Super – Anymore
  • How To Get Your Career & Money to Chase You
  • Time is a Currency that is Measured by Commitment
  • Making You a Priority

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